Remo Recover software provides a simple and safe solution to recover data from microSD cards. File systems We are well aware that computers make use of certain types of file systems in order to store and organize data on storage media like hard drive, CDs, DVDs, USB drives and so on. A file system is… Read Article →

Pages are a powerful word processing tool developed by Apple. It is an easy to use application used by Mac users to create documents.   As with any file, documents created using Pages can also get deleted at times. It could be due to accidental deletion or a system crash. If you’ve lost your Pages… Read Article →

HD short for High Definition, is video with higher resolution and quality than standard definition. As with any video format, HD videos are also prone to corruption and damage. The main reasons for corruption include interruptions during transfer or saving process. If your computer loses power or crashes when videos are being transferred from one… Read Article →

            You have deleted files accidentally from your desktop computer and are wondering if there is a way you can get those files back. Yes. Recovery of deleted files is possible as long as you do not add files to the location from where these files were deleted. The deleted… Read Article →

What are bad sectors? It is frustrating when you detect bad sectors on your hard drive. Bad sectors are small chunks of data that you cannot access. We know that hard disk stores information in the form of sectors, the standard sector size is 512 bytes. There are two kinds of bad sectors – hard… Read Article →

Pages is a powerful word processor from Apple. Apart from using it for creating a document, editing a page, you can also use it for adding charts, pictures, symbols and so on. You can also open non-Apple documents with Pages. The application allows you to save documents from Pages into Microsoft Word, PDF, Text files… Read Article →

Consider a situation where your system is running slow and freezes every now and then. You research online to solve the issue. Of the various solutions, you realize formatting is the best option for you and decide to format. You know the drive which needs a clear up, so you decide to format that particular… Read Article →

The Zip file compression format is being used widely by Windows users. This format is generally used to compress files, to transfer data over the internet or to just backup important files. But, because of the architecture of the Zip format, it is exceedingly vulnerable to corruptions/damage. As a result of corruption, the Zip files… Read Article →

A format on a hard disk is performed for various reasons. Even a new hard disk is formatted to allow users to utilize it. Formatting the hard disk will reset the drive to its original settings. Also, the hard drive is reformatted, before going with OS re-installation. In the meanwhile, there are different ways to… Read Article →

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