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You may capture a number of photos and videos with your Smartphone. You will find these captured images are saved to DCIM folder, whether it is your internal storage or an external SD card. When you want to transfer these photos to a computer storage, you will just go to DCIM folder and copy items… Read Article →

An external HDD is just another mechanical drive that is prone to damage and eventually fails like other storage drives. That’s why experts recommend you to maintain multiple copies of important data that too at different locations. Nevertheless, knowing the drive is logically failed or mechanically failed plays an important role in fixing the problem…. Read Article →

When the external hard drive malfunctions or the stored data become inaccessible then external hard drive is said to be dead. There are number of reasons due to which hard drive become dead and some of the reasons are exposure to water and fire, high magnetic field, environmental contamination and so on. Under such condition,… Read Article →

It is one of the most annoying situations when you downloaded a video but unable to play on any media player. If you are a QuickTime user and you are unable to play MP4 files then don’t worry, we will provide you solution that would help you in recognizing and fixing the problem. The basic… Read Article →

Losing photos from SD memory cards is quite common in these days. Losing image files from SD card that too if no backup of those pictures is not found, then this disaster could not be compared to anything else. However, recovering pictures from SD card is not a big deal if the lost photos are… Read Article →

There are many reasons due to which you may lose data from USB 3.0 hard drive. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below: Accidentally deleted files from 3.0 USB drive Formatted or Reformatted hard drive Bad sectors or file system corruption Abrupt ejection of pen drive from computer Pulling out external drive before file… Read Article →

Each time Microsoft release updates to create or improve the security features of computer. However, it might be possible that you are having problem after installing the OS. So I am here to discuss the issues after installing new OS and steps to resolve the issues. Let’s start: Before discussing solution ensure that problem is… Read Article →

Microsoft Office is a widely used tool designed and developed by Microsoft. This program consists of different file types such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Excel, etc. In spite of various advantages, MS Office also gets corrupted and damaged as a result of which user is unable to access data. Let’s discuss corruption issues of… Read Article →

Blue Screen of Death on Windows (BSOD) is a type of error which appears immediately without any notification. It never clears the correct reasons behind such errors on your Windows computer. BSOD may be due to hard drive failure, overheating or hardware issues. Sometimes it can be corrected with normal rebooting but sometimes BSOD can… Read Article →

“Does anyone know how to recover Orphaned file, which is supposed to be recovered by CHKDSK? Actually, I have saved important document on my Windows system and today while working on it, my system suddenly got shutdown due to abrupt power failure. When power came back, I rebooted my computer and I was shocked to… Read Article →

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