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What are bad sectors? It is frustrating when you detect bad sectors on your hard drive. Bad sectors are small chunks of data that you cannot access. We know that hard disk stores information in the form of sectors, the standard sector size is 512 bytes. There are two kinds of bad sectors – hard… Read Article →

When the external hard drive malfunctions or the stored data become inaccessible then external hard drive is said to be dead. There are number of reasons due to which hard drive become dead and some of the reasons are exposure to water and fire, high magnetic field, environmental contamination and so on. Under such condition,… Read Article →

Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a type of module that contains data which can be used by another module or application. These libraries usually have DLL extension and the file formats for DLLs are same for the Windows EXE files. However, it might be possible that DLL files get deleted or lost from Windows system…. Read Article →

Have you lost your important data from any storage device due to formatting? There are many cases responsible for deletion of files. Some of the reasons due to which data become unreachable from users are formatting, deletion, etc. In such severe condition, user is looking for third party application to recover formatted drive in a… Read Article →

Have you deleted files or folder from Windows 10 system? You lose important files from system due to accidental deletion of files. Sometimes user delete files using Shift+Delete key but later on realizes few important files also get deleted accidentally. Under such circumstances, you are looking for reliable tool to recover deleted files in Windows… Read Article →

Have you come across a situation where you have lost or accidentally deleted few important files while carrying out some task on your Windows PC? Losing crucial files is a painful thing that cannot be compared to anything else. Only those who have lost or accidentally deleted files will be knowing the severe pain. But,… Read Article →

Have you got corrupted or damaged USB drive?? Just make use of the Remo Recover Mac Tool, which instantly restore flash drive without formatting from inaccessible USB drive in couple of minutes. When such regretful state of affair develops on the flash drive, all the data present on it becomes unreachable. Why corrupted flash disk… Read Article →

Are you concerned about how to recover data from your Macintosh system? If so, then it is not a problem as you can easily restore all your lost files with the help of Remo Recover utility which is an outstanding data recovery software for Mac. This advanced application helps you to rescue deleted or lost… Read Article →

Now a day’s it has became a big hype, people delete data by themselves later cry for the recovering the same data. Usually data will be deleted or lost due to some of the known or unknown reasons, if you ever come across data loss situations due to any reasons then don’t be worried about… Read Article →

“Hi, I am using an external hard disk of 1 TB as a backup device for my Mac. And also I use to store some other important files since it has large storage capacity. Yesterday I connected both my external hard drive and a pen drive at the same time. I wanted to format the… Read Article →

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