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Pages are a powerful word processing tool developed by Apple. It is an easy to use application used by Mac users to create documents.   As with any file, documents created using Pages can also get deleted at times. It could be due to accidental deletion or a system crash. If you’ve lost your Pages… Read Article →

            You have deleted files accidentally from your desktop computer and are wondering if there is a way you can get those files back. Yes. Recovery of deleted files is possible as long as you do not add files to the location from where these files were deleted. The deleted… Read Article →

Pages is a powerful word processor from Apple. Apart from using it for creating a document, editing a page, you can also use it for adding charts, pictures, symbols and so on. You can also open non-Apple documents with Pages. The application allows you to save documents from Pages into Microsoft Word, PDF, Text files… Read Article →

“Does anyone know how to recover Orphaned file, which is supposed to be recovered by CHKDSK? Actually, I have saved important document on my Windows system and today while working on it, my system suddenly got shutdown due to abrupt power failure. When power came back, I rebooted my computer and I was shocked to… Read Article →

Before the invention of graphical user interface, the only way to delete the files in Windows computers is using Command Prompt. In earlier days, to delete the files or perform any action on Windows computers, Command Prompt is the only program to run any applications using commands. However, still some of the computer users addicted… Read Article →

Encrypted File System is the seamless encryption that does not prompt for keys and passwords. It is fully integrated into almost every Windows operating system. Yesterday, I am setting up new operating system i.e. Windows 10 on my PC. But some of the files on old operating system cannot be open. It is really horrible… Read Article →

Hello Friends!! I am using DSLR camera to capture images and video files. While moving photos to system suddenly computer is turned off as a result of which I lost pictures from system as well as from camera. Can anyone suggest RAW photo recovery app to recover digital photos in a reliable way? If you… Read Article →

In this page is a detailed procedure following which one will be able to efficiently get back all deleted JPEG files from any media storage device. You will also find out why is this software the most preferred one across all platforms for performing media file recovery. In addition, get familiar with some of the… Read Article →

Photoshop files or any other items can get deleted from a Mac computer due to a number of reasons, which may or may not be familiar to you. Actions such as accidental or intentional file deletion can occur to any of us while performing any other regular tasks. Some of the most observed causes of… Read Article →

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