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Consider a situation where your system is running slow and freezes every now and then. You research online to solve the issue. Of the various solutions, you realize formatting is the best option for you and decide to format. You know the drive which needs a clear up, so you decide to format that particular… Read Article →

A format on a hard disk is performed for various reasons. Even a new hard disk is formatted to allow users to utilize it. Formatting the hard disk will reset the drive to its original settings. Also, the hard drive is reformatted, before going with OS re-installation. In the meanwhile, there are different ways to… Read Article →

People often tend to reformat their SD memory cards for the purpose of using it on distinct file system viz. from lower FAT version to higher FAT version. But due to that fact that reformatting involves formatting SD cards are vulnerable to data losses and if reformatting is done without having any prior backup then… Read Article →

By utilizing the Remo Recover toolkit you can easily unformat the Mac hard drive without facing any difficulty. This software uses the advanced powerful algorithm to scan and detect all the formatted data from the Mac hard drive. Remo Recover has the ability to recover data from different file systems on Mac device such as… Read Article →

Let us have a brief idea about C drive and its uses. In all the computers when it was developed by Microsoft, A and B letters where assigned to floppy disks and other removable devices and the next letter C was given to the hard drive. It is one of the storage drives that can… Read Article →

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