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An external HDD is just another mechanical drive that is prone to damage and eventually fails like other storage drives. That’s why experts recommend you to maintain multiple copies of important data that too at different locations. Nevertheless, knowing the drive is logically failed or mechanically failed plays an important role in fixing the problem…. Read Article →

Are you unable to access your hard drive data? Have you encountered an error message like “D:\ drive is not accessible, access denied”? How to fix hard drive access denied error in this situation? Don’t worry, just calm down and go through this article to know how to fix hard drive access denied problem easily… Read Article →

You will not be able to access any data when the external hard drive is crashed. In such situations you need a recover tool for restoring crashed external hard drive. Remo Recover is one the prime software available in the market that recovers all the type of data from the crashed external hard drive. Find… Read Article →

When connecting the external hard drive to the computer in the USB port, it displays that “the hard drive is not recognized” at the bottom-right corner of the screen, imagine what happens? You stored your valuable documents, treasured photos and videos and almost innumerable data on that drive. Now it is not even giving you access… Read Article →

Maybe you have unintentionally deleted a file, erased a complete partition or have formatted a disk merely to realize that it was a crucial mistake. Remo Recover partition data recovery tool will enable you to undelete deleted data, restore or retrieve a lost partition, restore deleted media or perform complete deleted partition recovery from your… Read Article →

Data loss after Windows 8 Upgrade: When you upgrade your PC from an earlier version of Windows operating system to Windows 8 or later, there can be situations where all your personal files and folders are not transported to the newer version of Windows OS. Similarly, when you reinstall, reset or downgrade the Windows operating… Read Article →

If the removable hard disk drive is not getting detected on your computer: Troubleshoot the issue of unrecognized external hard drive by inspecting cables and connections. Check if the USB cables are correctly connecting the hard drive with the computer or not. In case the hard drive is still unable to get recognized by the… Read Article →

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