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While creating a new partition or resizing an existing partition, one should be take adequate care. If it is not done with adequate care, then can throw user to very regretful situation. It means that he or she may lose an already existing partition. Apart from partitioning and repartitioning, there are many ways by which… Read Article →

“Hi everyone…! I had two dynamic partitions on my computer and I saved lots of important office related and personal files. Last night, I found some of the infected files in one of the partition and so formatted it after taking data backup. But, the problem is, in hurry, I accidentally formatted the other partition… Read Article →

Even a small mistake while partitioning or repartitioning your Windows hard disk can put you in a very regretful situation, as it can result in deletion or loss of the existing partition data. If you lose your concentration for a while or even a small negligence, during the process can result in loss or deletion… Read Article →

Formatting HFS Partition: Formatting the hard drive is of two types namely low level formatting and high level formatting. During installation process of the operating system quick format creates the file system format which is referred as high level formatting. As quick format is faster and easier most of the people prefer to have quick… Read Article →

Brief summary – Windows Vista crash and data restoration: The Windows Vista operating system getting crashed due to some malfunctions can be a horrifying thing to happen, if there is any important information stored on the computer’s hard drive. Some of the major effects of Windows Vista operating system crash can be unprecedented data loss,… Read Article →

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