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HD short for High Definition, is video with higher resolution and quality than standard definition. As with any video format, HD videos are also prone to corruption and damage. The main reasons for corruption include interruptions during transfer or saving process. If your computer loses power or crashes when videos are being transferred from one… Read Article →

It is one of the most annoying situations when you downloaded a video but unable to play on any media player. If you are a QuickTime user and you are unable to play MP4 files then don’t worry, we will provide you solution that would help you in recognizing and fixing the problem. The basic… Read Article →

MOV files are highly used video file type and most of the cameras use this type for saving videos. But there are a lot of cases which leaves the MOV files corrupted and it needs to be repaired before viewing them. And, here comes the greatest part, yes you can perform corrupt MOV file repair on Mac using the software… Read Article →

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