External Hard Drive Recovery Mac

“Hi, I am using an external hard disk of 1 TB as a backup device for my Mac. And also I use to store some other important files since it has large storage capacity. Yesterday I connected both my external hard drive and a pen drive at the same time. I wanted to format the pen drive since it was slow. Thinking like I am formatting the pen drive, I mistakenly formatted the external hard disk. There ends the matter. I have lost all the data from the external drive. It was the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life. Does anyone know how to restore external hard disk Mac? Please assist me.”

This happens to lot of people which you faced. And the first thing is people must be very careful while dealing with such huge data. But don’t worry, you can find a solution to your problem in this article.

As the technology is developing, people relying more on gadgets in their daily life. For storing massive amount of data many users use external hard drives, since they have much storage space. And the biggest advantage of storing data in external device is its portability. Yes, you can carry the device to anywhere you want at any time. All you need is just an USB cable to connect it to a laptop or computer so as to copy, view or transfer the data from the external hard drive. Learn more about external hard drives.

Since it has so many advantages, the usage of external hard drives is increasing day by day. But as a coin has both sides of view, these external devices also have another angle where you should look for negative side. Since you store large amounts of data in the external hard drives, the risk of losing data is much higher. If something unusual happens you may end up losing entire data from the hard disk which happened to you.

Other data loss scenarios from external hard drive:

  • Virus Infection to the external hard drive may also bring you to massive data loss situation.
  • Formatting or reformatting the hard disk accidentally results in data loss.
  • Unintentional deletion of data while selecting unwanted data for deletion from the hard drive may also lead to huge data loss.
  • Using the hard drive improperly like not following the regular procedure of ejecting a drive also ends up in data loss situation.

Apart from the above stated scenarios, files system corruption, improper transfer, boot failure etc can also put you in data loss situation. But whatever may be the case of losing data, recovering is the only solution to access the lost data. Restoring of data can be done using data recovery tools. If you are searching for a best data recovery tool, in that case you can take advantage of Remo Recover Mac to restore external disk Mac.

Using Remo Recover Software it is likely to rescue your lost data from external hard drive. This tool works as a magic tool in performing data recovery. But it is highly recommended to stop storing new documents or any content to the drive to increase the possibility of data recovery. Remo Recover Software is a professional data recovery tool which uses a powerful algorithm to detect the lost files and locate them on your external hard drive.

So the key to retrieve your lost data is very easy and quick now. Just download the free trial version of Remo Recover Mac Software, preview the restored files which you have lost and finally save them in the desired location of your system.