How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Pages Documents on Mac

Pages is a powerful word processor from Apple. Apart from using it for creating a document, editing a page, you can also use it for adding charts, pictures, symbols and so on. You can also open non-Apple documents with Pages. The application allows you to save documents from Pages into Microsoft Word, PDF, Text files etc.

Pages have ready-to-use templates, which can be used to create really cool and professional-looking documents without the need of starting from scratch. However, in the process of creating these documents, many users have accidentally deleted them and are looking for ways to recover them.

If you are one of them, do not panic. There are ways to recover deleted Pages documents on Mac.

Before we check out the solutions to recover your lost Pages documents, let us briefly look at some common reasons for loss of these documents:

  • Accidentally formatting your Mac volume could result in loss of several files, including your Pages files.
  • An abrupt system shutdown during the process of copying your Pages file from Mac to other devices.
  • An unauthenticated third-party software installed on your Mac can also result in deletion of Pages documents.
  • A large number of files, including your Pages documents, could be lost due to the formation of bad sectors on your hard drive, catalog file corruption or inaccessible Mac volumes.

  1. Using Time Machine backup

You can restore your deleted Pages documents if you had turned on Time Machine backup.

  • Enter your Time Machine backup using menu bar shortcut. If you haven’t added Time Machine to the menu bar, just click on System Preferences -> Time Machine and select the option “Show Time Machine in menu bar”.
  • After opening Time Machine, you can now select the folder from where you lost your file.
  • You can use the dial on the right of the folder to navigate back in time until you see the file you want to restore. You can preview the file by either double-clicking it or by pressing the spacebar.
  • To restore the file, click on the file. Now select Restore button present at the bottom of the interface.
  • You should have your file the way it was before you lost it.

  1. Using Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the best tools out there to restore all your lost Pages files. The software can recover all your deleted files retaining its text format, OLE objects, hyperlinks and so on.

Remo Recover scans your entire volume using deep scanning algorithms and aids recovery from hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards and so on. This software can be used on all Mac systems and works well with all Operating systems.

Remo Recover software helps you recover accidentally deleted pages documents on mac with ease. It is also capable of restoring data from formatted/re-formatted/deleted/lost partitions as well.

If you were working on Outlook and managed to lose any document, Remo Recover aids you to recover deleted folders outlook 2011 mac without loss of any data.

The software can recover several file types based on their unique signatures. You can also add file types if it is not listed in the software.