Unformat Hard Drive Windows 10

Consider a situation where your system is running slow and freezes every now and then. You research online to solve the issue. Of the various solutions, you realize formatting is the best option for you and decide to format. You know the drive which needs a clear up, so you decide to format that particular drive. During the process, you choose a wrong drive by oversight. This has erased data you did not wish to delete. You’re now worried and not sure as to what you can do about it.

Do not worry; you are in the right place. Remo Recover is a great tool which can unformat your drive in a few minutes. It takes advantage of the fact that data is not permanently deleted after a format. Upon format, the system marks the space as available for reuse. So any new data will be overwritten on this space. And overwriting causes permanent deletion. Hence, it’s important not to use the drive on which data is lost.

About the software

Remo Recover is a hard drive recovery tool used to recover data from formatted or re-partitioned drives. It can also recover deleted volume Windows 10. In addition to your system, it can also recover files from external hard drives, USB’s, memory cards and other storage devices. It can recover photos, videos, office files and many other file types. All file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS etc are supported.

All versions of Windows including Windows 10 are supported. A different version called Remo Recover Mac is available for Mac users.


How to unformat hard drive Windows 10

Remo Recover is a simple to use tool and data can be recovered in a few steps. To start with, download and install Remo Recover on your system. Launch the tool and select ‘Recover drives’.

  1. Select Formatted/Re-formatted recovery in the next screen
  2. The tool scans your system and lists all available drives
  3. Select the drive which needs formatting
  4. All files from the drive are listed
  5. Then save the required files.

Note: The demo version of the software allows you to preview recovered files. In order to save them, you need to purchase a licensed version of the software.